Dr. Emel Stroup,

Board Certified
in Clinical

Fellow, Academy
of Cognitive
What is Cognitive
Cognitive Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach
used in the treatment of a variety of psychological and
psychiatric disorders.  It was discovered and
developed in 1960 by Dr. Aaron T. Beck, and is applied
by therapists around the world.  In recent years it has
been successfully applied in an increasing range of
psychological and medical problems.

Since 1977, many studies and research efforts have
affirmed the validity and efficacy of Cognitive Therapy.  
Research findings by international and American
researchers support the effectiveness of the therapy's
application in the treatment of a wide variety of
psychiatric and psychological illnesses.  Furthermore,
it has been found to be helpful and effective as well in
the treatment of numerous medical conditions.

Cognitive Therapy is based on the patient's own
needs and problems - the therapist's values and
biases are not at issue in the therapy.  As a result, its
freedom from culture-bias must be counted as among
the most important of Cognitive Therapy's many
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Dr. Emel Stroup is board certified in
clinical psychology by the American
Board of Professional Psychology,
and is certified in Cognitive Therapy
by the Academy of Cognitive
Therapy, of which organization she
is also a Fellow.

Dr. Stroup obtained her bachelor’s
degree in psychology from San
Jose State University and her
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
from Alliant International University.

She is the founder of
CBTiSTANBUL, where she offers
supervision, training, seminars,
and consultation in Beckian
Cognitive Therapy. At the same
time, she established and directs
the Cognitive Therapy Unit at
Humanity Psychiatry, where she
conducts her clinical practice.

(0538) 304 04 15
(0212) 291 6 291

Humanite Psikiyatri
Esentepe Mah.
Gazeteciler Sitesi
Matbuat Sk. No: 25
Esentepe/Şişli  İstanbuli

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