Doctor Emel Stroup, ABPP, ACT provides Beckian Cognitive
oriented clinical supervision for psychologists,
psychiatrists, and psychiatric assistants currently working as
psychotherapists in the mental health field.
The supervision program is designed to develop the clinician's basic
psychotherapeutic skills, including in
Cognitive Therapy, and will include the

  • Prior to therapy, the first meeting with the patient and the assessment
  • The assessment process and appropriate diagnostic criteria
  • Measures, standards, and tests that can be used in assessment
  • Comorbid disorders and differential diagnosis
  • Establishing and maintaining the therapeutic and collaborative relationship
  • Establishing and maintaining a therapeutic collaboration directed at
    attaining the desired goals of therapy
  • Determining therapeutic goals and the therapy plan, and the
    importance of these
  • Reaching therapeutic goals while adhering to the therapy plan
  • Measuring and assessing progress in therapy
  • Documentation and progress notes, and their importance
  • The ability to use the Cognitive Therapy approach within psychotherapy skills
    to reach therapeutic goals.
  • The use of various Cognitive Therapy techniques with various
    psychological diagnoses.

    According to the Cognitive Therapy Approach:
  • Session structure
  • Case formulation and conceptualization
  • Socializing the patient to Cognitive Therapy
  • Dealing with patient resistance to therapy
  • Terminating therapy
  • Working with suicidal patientsknowledge and skills necessary to identify
    the risk of suicide
  • The ethical code of the psychology professionidentifying ethical situations
    and applying ethical guidelines
Before supervision sessions begin pre-interviews will be conducted and different groups will be formed according to how clinicians
are working in the field and what sorts of patients they see.

Supervision will be conducted once a week for 1.5 sessions (1 hour 15 minutes).

Attendance certificates will be awarded for every 40 hours of supervision completed. For completion of the entire program of 240
hours, a separate program completion certificate will be awarded.

Dr. Emel Stroup, ABPP, ACT, is board certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology; she is the first
and only psychologist in Turkey to have attained this highest certification available for professional expertise in clinical psychology. Dr.
Stroup obtained her bachelor degree from San Jose State University, her Masters degree from United States International University,
and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Alliant International University. She is a certified cognitive therapist and a member of the
Academy of Cognitive Therapy. She is also a member of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology, as well as of the American
Psychology Association and the Turkish Psychology Association.

first  Cognitive Therapy oriented supervision group for psychologists and psychiatrists working and studying in the field of
psychotherapy has been filled.

Pre-interviews and registration has begun for the
additional supervision groups. Those interested are encouraged to contact us via the
e-mail addresses or phone number listed below at the earliest possible time in order to make an appointment. These groups will be
conducted Wednesday evenings.

Valikonağı Cad., Akkirman Sok., Konya Palas Apt., No:4/14
Nişantaşı/ İstanbul

Please contact us via You may also call (0538) 304 04 15.
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Cognitive Therapy Supervision
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