Who can benefit from training in Cognitive Therapy?
Training as a cognitive therapist is beneficial for a wide range of professionals
involved in the mental health field.  Such professionals might include
psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, medical doctors, and graduate
students in these fields.

Training in cognitive therapy will provide these professionals with the ability to
provide efficient, comprehensive, effective therapy that is of lasting benefit for their
patients.  Such training is particularly valuable for psychiatrists, nurses and
medical doctors who do not receive training in psychotherapy in the ordinary
course of their degree studies.
Where can I get training in Cognitive Therapy?
There are numerous training programs available.  Among the most important of
these are the
Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research and the Center for
Cognitive Therapy.  The Beck Institute was established by the founder of Cognitive
Therapy, Dr. Aaron T. Beck, and provides a variety of on-site programs, off-site
workshops, and distance learning programs.  The
Center for Cognitive Therapy was
co-founded by Drs. Christine Padesky and Kathleen Mooney.  They provide
consultation and training for therapists, as well as workshops in locations in North
America and Europe.

In addition to training in Cognitive Therapy at various levels, programs such as these
offer experience and learning opportunities  through practice, case presentation and
supervision.  These are important elements of any training program.
Is training in Cognitive Therapy available in Istanbul?
Training in Cognitive Therapy should always be obtained under the direct
supervision of a qualified Cognitive Therapist with up to date skills and knowledge.

Dr. Stroup provides individualized training and supervision in Cognitive Therapy to
select mental health professionals at the masters level and above.  To learn more,
contact her by e-mail,  submit a request for more information. or submit your
application to be considered for individual or group supervision.
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